29 August 2014

Something about me

lace bra CHARLOTTE ROUGE, dress & sandals ZARA, sunglasses ZERO UV, rings & bag H&M

I had the pleasure to be photographed by a talented Ukrainian artist, Kate Kondratieva for Dorohin's Magazine. Here's an interview with me:
  1. What kind of child have you been? What did you dream about?
    I was pretty crazy, my mind was full of ideas. I always felt like an outsider. I've dreamt of becoming an adult very quickly.
  2. Who are your parents? The family story that always makes you smile is...
    My mother works in a public office and my father is a teacher. They taught me fashion, when they had a small business a few years back. I always think of our trips to textile factories and choosing the materials with a smile on my face.
  3. Every day the confidence to move forward give me...
    Good, inspiring people and the beauty of nature.
  4. The name of the brand Charlotte Rouge has appeared from...
    I was changing my online nicknames for a long time, because I was changing inside myself. One time I felt like I am ready to 'settle'. I chose 'Charlotte' – main character's name from my favorite, inspiring movie Lost in Translation. Rouge is for red but also for French language, which I love.
  5. I started to blog because...
    I needed a motivation to wear something more than t-shirts and jeans and show the world that I have huge imagination and creativity.
  6. To be the designer in Poland is more difficult that in other countries because...
    The tax law is not friendly to young people, good education is hard to get and Polish customers are learning just now that it is worth buying designer clothes, not common brands.
  7. The most important in fashion industry is...
    Individuality and uniqueness.
  8. Sexuality and femininity are shown in...
    Self confidence and natural behavior says if you're a true, proper woman. Your appearance shows your sexuality and underlines femininity.
  9. What kind of person, its appearance can attract you?
    Open minded, intelligent, crazy and spontaneous people.
  10. My life philosophy (motto) is...
    Live everyday like it's your last.
  11. I am proud to be Polish because...
    We are brave. We are also very sensitive and talented in photography.
  12. What is fortune and luck for you?
    It's something very important. I don't feel lucky, because nothing came easy to me. I had to work very hard to get where I am now and no fortune has helped me. But I envy (only a little) some people that find their way to success through good luck.
  13. I get aesthetic pleasure from the beautiful places, people, architecture, so...
    My house is almost all in black&white. I need it to be clean and tidy, otherwise my mind is in chaos. I made my own 'tumblr wall' recently, where I put some inspiration form magazines, albums, etc.
  14. My favorite place is...
    I love a lot of places and I never had a favorite one. I think I can say that home is my favorite.
  15. Sometimes I want to run away from reality because...
    I don't accept hate, injustice, egoism, stupidity and money. And there is a lot of these in this world.
  16. Sometimes woman needs to make a choice: profession or family. It is kind a stick with two ends. What will be your decision if you future husband ask you such a question?
    We both decided that we don't need kids in our lives at this moment. We are happy just the way we are now and our profession gives us a lot of fun. Of course we want to have kids in the future, but that can wait :)
  17. What annoys you in people? And what inspires you?
    Everything I wrote above in question 15. What inspires me? Creativity, naturalness, purity, kindness.
  18. What is professionalism in your opinion?
    It's giving your best all the time, no matter if you're tired, the client is annoying or you don't have a clue how to solve a problem.
  19. All my friends tell me that I am...
    Worrying to much.
  20. Comfort for me is...
    Being safe and able to control my life (with a pinch of spontaneity).
  21. If now I have a chance to move to another country, it will be... Why?
    France. Of all the countries it inspires me the most and in every aspect – the architecture, people, landscapes, culture, language.
photographs by Kate Kondratieva interview by Ani Kazarian

26 August 2014

Green and other colors

 sneakers VANS, backpack & hat SPRINGFIELD, shorts & shades ZARA, top H&M + DIY

awesome stuff found at WESTWING